Hello, I'm Kieran 👋🏼

I’m a writer and product marketer. Over the past six years I’ve travelled to more than 30 cities while nurturing a love for xiaolongbao. I’m currently leading product marketing at Ably - a realtime API and cloud infrastructure provider. We recently closed our Series A 🥳.

I work across engineering, product, and commercial teams as well as with senior management. I strive to unify market requirements, customer needs, and product capabilities into strong positioning, coherent narratives, and sucessful go-to-market strategies.

I’m no engineer or designer but I have enough technical knowledge to be dangerous in a GitHub repo, I know what constitutes good UX, and I’m fascinated by all things tech.

My early professional life

I cut my marketing teeth writing freelance copy during my undergraduate degree for beer and travel money. Web copy, blog posts, drip-feed emails, and the like.

I went on to work as a copywriter at a marketing and communicatons agency in Antwerp, leading on high tech industrial briefs for the likes of DNV GL, NXP, and Phillips. I learned a great deal here.

My copy was critiqued on a daily basis by writers with decades of experience and that helped hone my copy and style. I was exposed to product marketing and taught a framework and process for devising positioning and messaging with meaning. And I learned to work at a fast pace while maintaining a high standard of work.

Fully-funded masters? OK.

The opportunity to study a fully-funded MSc in Marketing came my way and, not one to turn down a free lunch, I jumped back into education and freelance copywritring. My MSc focused on marketing as a strategic function of a company that takes products to market. My thesis explored the increasing number of touchpoints consumers experience in an omnichannel buying environment.

A year later, my masters done, I headed back to tech as a writer and product marketer at early stage startups. But I’d tasted travel and didn’t want to give it up. Luckily for me, remote work is a thing now.

Digital nomadding

I took off for Asia, building on my existing freelance client base and starting my own consultancy. For 18 months I provided a full suite of marketing and communications work from high-level strategy and market research to messaging and content creation. Clients included Birmingham City University, Nottingham Trent University, and TedX Brum. I travelled extensively during this time. Eventually, wanting to do something with a larger team in tech, I sought a new role.

For the next two years I headed up product marketing at a big data and analytics software studio, where I led three SaaS products to market that focused on helping people collect, report on, and migrate data. With the freedom I was given I increased website visits and sign ups by 30%, 10xed MRR, and led a beta and product launch for a SaaS product.

I was also lucky enough to experience a truly remote-first work culture here. I cotinued to travel to new places every few months with the freedom that culture gave me. I sometimes wrote about the life of remote work. I learned a great deal about working in a cross-functional team, motivating myself on a daily basis, and overcoming the challenges of 100% remote work.


Nowadays I’m helping to grow Ably. I live in East London, riding up and down Regent’s Canal when the weather permits. I take pictures of buildings and people. I think and write about APIs, software products, and markets.

Hit me up @remotekieran on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, GitHub.

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